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Herring Hotel Hospitality


The Herring Hotel has a long history of hospitality. From its original proprietor, Will P. Herring, and the early day "Sample Room" services, to Father John E Graham and the Graham Housing organization and its part in bringing FMHA housing not only to Belle Plaine, but to Iowa for the first time in our state's history. Yes, the Herring was known for many years, to provide top notch accommodations, but it was always recognized for lending a helping hand to anyone in need.  ​

The Herring's Health & Wellness concept will be no different from its original roots. It will once again provide a place where everyone is welcome and hospitality will be offered to all. The goal of this center will be to provide resources to the public around the clock, offering information to anyone seeking it. A referral service center will be one of the highlighted features, placing a focus on available community resources promoting proper health & wellness. This option will provide individuals with a more personalized approach to a "database" of local information. Resources to be offered will range from general medical literature to community and public service options.The center will also provide a space for community lectures and public presentations that will be made available to health & wellness professionals who wish to share their expertise and information on their services, bringing resources into our community which may normally only be available in much larger metropolises. The "Blue Zone" theory will also be implemented in promoting health & wellness not only in the center but also through our lodging facility, by encouraging individuals to make healthier choices while they stay with us, promoting a focus on living longer and better lives. 

The Herring's Health & Wellness Resource Center would like to bring county and state services to the Herring, placing them under one roof, and returning top notch hospitality accommodations once again to the

Swellest Little Hotel In Iowa, on the original Lincoln Highway.

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