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Back to the Future "1922"

The 1922 Remodel

It is the goal of the Herring Hotel groups to restore this building back to the most significant time period in its history. In the 1920s Mr Herring made the last major modification to the building when he brought the building to the zero lot line on the 8th Ave side by removing the open porch and creating the same affect for his guests inside with the sun parlor, an alternate indoor "porch" setting. This change would also add a number of additional guest rooms on the 2nd, 3rd, and lower levels of the building which were desperately needed in Belle Plaine at that time. Pictured below are photos taken of the Herring Hotel showcasing this remodel.

1922 Hotel.jpg
1922 stairs.jpg
1922 sun parlor.jpg
1922 lobby stairs.jpg
1922 room.jpg
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